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B-KOO “Inspiration” Round the World Journey Departure

Today marks a historical and record-breaking moment in Hong Kong aviation history – Inspiration is about to become Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and locally registered aircraft to complete a Round the World journey with Hong Kong as the starting and ending destination.

With a local registration “B-KOO”, Inspiration will be travelling around the world during August to November 2016. Inspiration will fly across all meridians, most latitudes outside the Arctic and Antarctic circles, covering approximately 55,000km. Inspiration will stop in around 50 airports of 25 countries*, including Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Italy and many more!

While Hank is carrying Hong Kong’s dream around the world, we would like to invite everyone to be part of this remarkable achievement through real-time flight tracking and blogging. Please feel free to visit Round the World via

The public can also support the journey and commemorate this “Made in Hong Kong” achievement by purchasing Inspiration souvenirs, where profits will be used for fundraising of the project. Inspiration T-shirts and postcards can be ordered online by visiting Shopspiration via

Prior to departure, the Inspiration team have invited everyone in Hong Kong to participate in our Inspired to Dream Campaign, where the public share with us their dreams and inspirations, and how will they make it come true. Congratulations to Jeannie Chiu, who is the grand winner of the Inspired to Dream Campaign.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors – especially Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, K. Wah International Holdings Limited, Shell Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited and Arbutus – the Round the World Journey would not have happened without them. Finally, we would also like to thank Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and relevant government bodies for their support.

* Subject to approval from authorities

Click here to access media information.

The Inspiration Team

More than 100 guests joined the departure ceremony of Inspiration

Pilot Hank Cheng and Flight Engineer Gary Tat waved bye to the guest

Inspiration took to the sky

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