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Round the World Journey

Inspiration is Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and registered aircraft to take off from Hong Kong International Airport, and is about to become Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and registered aircraft to complete a Round the World (RTW) journey with Hong Kong as the starting and ending destination!

After 7 years of aircraft building and 40 hours of flight tests in Australia in the 8th year, Inspiration has come back to Hong Kong to prepare for the 3-month Inspiration RTW journey from August to November 2016. Starting and ending in Hong Kong, Inspiration will fly across all meridians, most latitudes outside the Arctic and Antarctic circles, covering approximately 55,000km. Inspiration will stop in around 50 airports of 25 countries*, including Australia, USA, Great Britain, Italy and many more!

Route Map

Route Map

**Disclaimer: The below flight route is tentative and will be altered for operational reasons.

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