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Sponsors and Supporting Organizations

Flying Hong Kong's first homebuilt aircraft around the world is not just difficult, but expensive. Financial and technical support are crucial to our mission.

The following organizations have been supporting Inspiration.

Key Sponsors

Supporting Organizations

We would like to thank Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited for their everlasting engineering support to complete the assembly of the aircraft. They have provided a home, not only to present Inspiration to the public, but also for Inspiration to be prepared for the RTW journey.

SPCS is the first organization to join Hank on this project. Back in 2008, the school set up an aerospace society for groups of secondary school students to construct the empennage, wing and fuselage of the aircraft.


Not only did SPCS provide a venue in the school premises for the construction of Inspiration in the early phase of the project, but SPCS also hopes to inspire and nurture the younger generation to develop an interest in aviation.

Thanks HKAC for supporting general aviation in Hong Kong, a very important step to nurture aviation.

The club also facilitated the arrangement of AVGAS, the fuel to power Inspiration.

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Navigation Tools and Equipment Sponsors

Sponsors navigation charts and flight planning software

Sponsors Inspiration's avionics instruments and provides technical support enroute

Sponsors Inspiration's propeller, which is custom-made for the Round the World Journey. 

Sponsors custom-made seats for Inspiration.

Sponsors Inspiration's seat harnesses

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We would like to sincerely thank Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, from the bottom of our hearts, for their generous and continuous assistance to the project. Simply put, this historical Round the World journey would not be possible without the company's support.


The airline has generously provided their expertise, resources and facilities – including their operations centre for the flight monitoring of Inspiration – and has given their involved staff tremendous support by providing a flexible working schedule.


Cathay Pacific and their senior management firmly believe in the project’s vision and ability to inspire, and for that we are truly thankful. The company has greatly helped to make our dream become a reality.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to K. Wah International Holdings Limited, who fully concurs with the vision and value of the Inspiration project – demonstrating the striving spirit of Hong Kong people, unleashing creativity in fighting for their dream and acting as a good encouragement model to inspire the younger generation.

K. Wah upholds the belief that "giving back to the society from which one is benefitted", and is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of communities, such as charity, education, culture and sports, and environmental protection.

Many thanks to Shell Hong Kong Limited for sponsoring the fuel cost for the RTW journey, and for promoting the Fuels Your Dreams campaign with the fundraising aircraft models that are available for sale in all Hong Kong and Macau Shell stations in August 2016

Thanks to Arbutus for timing Hong Kong’s 1st homebuilt aircraft with launching the Limited Edition Automatic Tourbillon Watch in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the 1st Space Shuttle.

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