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“Inspiration” Round the World Journey And “Inspired to Dream” Campaign

Inspiration is Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and registered aircraft to take off from Hong Kong International Airport, and is about to become Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and registered* aircraft to complete a Round the World (RTW) journey with Hong Kong as the starting and ending destination!

After 7 years of aircraft building and 40 hours of flight tests in Australia in the 8th year, Inspiration has come back to Hong Kong to prepare for the 3-month Inspiration RTW journey from August to November 2016. Starting and ending in Hong Kong, Inspiration will fly across all meridians, most latitudes outside the Arctic and Antarctic circles, covering approximately 55,000km. Inspiration will stop in around 50 airports of 25 countries*, including Australia, USA, Great Britain, Italy and many more!

The key to success of the RTW journey is not limited to thorough preparation and learning from the past, but also the team’s persistent, focused and determined mentality. Hank Cheng has always maintained an adventurous heart, while bravely enduring all obstacles and taking on the daunting challenges in front of him. With such a successful realisation of a childhood dream, Hank hopes to inspire the people of Hong Kong to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals.

While the Inspiration team is preparing for the upcoming RTW journey, we hope everyone in Hong Kong are inspired, and will join us in making our dreams come true by sharing your dreams and inspirations in the Inspired to Dream campaign by visiting Inspired to Dream on our website before 21 August 2016. The best written ones will have a chance to win two round trip tickets to any regional locations, and many more!

The public can also support the RTW journey by purchasing Inspiration souvenirs, where profits will be used for fundraising of the project. Inspiration T-shirts and ‘Remove Before Flight’ key chains can be ordered online by visiting Shopspiration on our website.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, especially Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, who have played an instrumental role in helping to make our dream become a reality. The airline has generously provided their expertise, resources and facilities – including their operations centre for the flight monitoring of Inspiration – and has given their involved staff tremendous support by providing a flexible working schedule. Cathay Pacific and their senior management firmly believe in the project’s vision and ability to inspire, and for that we are truly thankful.

Many thanks to Shell Hong Kong Limited for sponsoring the fuel cost for the RTW journey, and supporting the project with the fundraising of Inspiration Premium and Inspiration Glider, which are available for sale in all Hong Kong and Macau Shell stations in August 2016.

Finally, we would like to thank Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited for their everlasting engineering support to make the aircraft ready for the RTW journey. They have provided a home, not only to present Inspiration at this press conference today, but also for Inspiration to look forward to coming back at the end of the RTW journey.

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* Subject to approval from authorities

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