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Shell Fuels Your Dreams / Shell 為飛一般夢想加油

Apart from being our Exclusive Fuel Sponsor, Shell is also helping us raising funds for "Inspiration" Round-the-World journey through the sale of two special model aircrafts. The models are now available in Shell Hong Kong and Macau Stations. Meanwhile, the "Inspired to Dream" campaign is on-going! Share your dream with us to get a chance to win fabulous prizes. Shell Bonus Card members may get extra bonus prizes from Shell. (*Fill in Bonus Card number for identification.) For more information please read the Shell Fuels Your Dreams website.

除了贊助「香港起飛」環球之旅的燃油費用外,Shell 亦推出兩款「香港起飛」模型義賣籌款。模型現於 Shell 香港及澳門的油站有售。 同時,您亦可以參加「夢想起飛」活動,於我們的官方網頁和我們分享您的夢想,贏取豐富獎品。Shell Bonus 咭會員有機會獲得額外獎賞。(* Shell Bonus 咭會員需填寫會員號碼作識別) 詳情請參閱「Shell為飛一般夢想加油 」網頁。

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